Webinar Overview

The worldwide pandemic in 2020 meant a rapid shift to online learning for training providers. For many, this was with little or no training in effective online learning design and delivery. Significant effort was put into creating resources including videos and handouts, that became the lifeline for students at a distance.

In 2021, it is time to move past crisis mode and further build on the enormous efforts of training organization staff. To make the most of the situation, it is time to review and evaluate the resources that were developed in 2020.

An effective online learning program requires a different approach to designing face-to-face classes, with different strategies needed to engage learners and motivate them to login to your classes. For this reason, it is important to understand the fundamentals of online learning, which is exactly what this bootcamp aims to provide you with!

Everything has been planned and designed and now it is time for a live training session. This session will take you through the how to deliver a live session, making the most of the careful planning you’ve undertaken and keep students involved and engaged.


Key topics covered:

  • Preparation and practice
  • The ‘Green’ room
  • Communication protocols
  •  Roles of people involved
  •  Uploading of resources
  •  Privacy and permission
  • Troubleshooting & contingencies
  • Encouraging participation


Director & Designer

Kerri Buttery

Kerri has worked in the Australian education sector for more than two decades. She has always had a passion for the use of technology in training and has completed university studies in education, information technology and eLearning. Kerri is the founder of VETNexus, which is an organisation that provides consulting services in the creation and adoption of eLearning strategies. Kerri also regularly delivers professional development webinars to participants and has been doing this for almost a decade.


  • 1

    Instructions for this webinar

    • How to access the webinar and resources

  • 2

    Supporting Resources

    • Resources for use during the session

  • 3

    Session Recordings

    • Replay of Live Session