H5P Branching Scenario

Choose Your Own Adventure in H5P

There are many learning scenarios where students need to think about a situation and make a decision about what to do next. Traditionally this is often taught or tested in a role play situation. However, we are now moving more training online and need to teach these decision-making skills in a different way. The H5P Branching Scenario tool in H5P makes this possible. H5P is an interactive content authoring tool. Content can then be embedded on your Learning Management System (LMS), website or other online course.

The Branching Scenario tool is one of the more complex H5P tools and incorporates many other H5P content types into its capabilities, making it one of the most powerful tools on offer from this suite.

This practical session will take you through how to design a decision making scenario based on choices the student needs to make at different points in time. Not only will we go through the technical aspects, but also the learning design considerations and how to incorporate other graphic design and video tools to enhance the final product.

This session will discuss:

  • Navigating the branching scenario content type
  • Tips to be prepared
  • Using design & video tools
  • Processes to follow

Participant requirements: Participants will need to have their own H5P account to participate. This may be an institutional account installed through their own LMS or website, or alternatively a free trial account from https://h5p.com/ (if using Canvas, Blackboard or Brightspace) or https://h5p.org/.

Session length: 90 minutes

Webinar Content

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    Instructions for this webinar

    • How to access the webinar and resources

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    Supporting Resources

    • Resources for use during the session

    • Online Resources

    • What is H5P?

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    Session Recordings

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