Introduction to H5P

The first step in creating interactive content

Looking for that extra something to engage your learners? Already using “Click to Reveal” to death and want more than just video? H5P may be your ticket to take your content to the next level. H5P is an interactive content authoring tool. Content can then be embedded on your Learning Management System (LMS), website or other online course.

This practical session will take you through some of the key components of H5P and you will build out some of the introductory level content types. Not only will we go through the technical aspects, but also the learning design considerations of when to use each content type.

This session will discuss:

  • What some contents types are
  • When to use the content type
  • Tips to be prepared
  • Processes to follow

The session will explore some of the following content types (time permitting):

  • Accordion
  • Multiple Choice
  • Single Choice Set
  • Dialog Cards
  • Drag the Words
  • Hot Spots
  • Image Slider

Participant requirements: Participants will need to have their own H5P account to participate. This may be an institutional account installed through their own LMS or website, or alternatively a free trial account from (if using Canvas, Blackboard or Brightspace) or

Session length: 90 minutes

Webinar Content

  • 1

    Instructions for this webinar

    • How to access the webinar and resources

  • 2

    Supporting Resources

    • Resources for use during the session

    • Sample H5P Files

    • Drag the Words Example

  • 3

    Session Recordings

    • What is H5P?

    • Replay of the Live Session

    • Hot Spots Video

    • Dialog Cards Video