Webinar Overview

Like the Vocational Education and Training (VET) Sector, the technology sector is also full of acronyms and its own language. So, what happens when these two worlds collide? For some, a pot of total confusion about what means what. For others, perfect harmony and streamlined bliss.

This session discusses:

  • The meanings of LMS, SMS and CRM
  • What to look for in each of these systems
  • How they can be used to streamline your operations
  • Common systems used by RTOs

Note: This webinar is not sponsored by any third parties and is not a sales session for any one technology product. The platforms shown are based on our experience in working with clients and the providers.


Director & Designer

Kerri Buttery

Kerri has worked in the Australian education sector for more than two decades. She has always had a passion for the use of technology in training and has completed university studies in education, information technology and eLearning. Kerri is the founder of VETNexus, which is an organisation that provides consulting services in the creation and adoption of eLearning strategies. Kerri also regularly delivers professional development webinars to participants and has been doing this for almost a decade.


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